Oakland Athletics: Three players to extend right now

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(Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

The Oakland Athletics have a plethora of young talent. It is the perfect time to begin to lock in some of those players to a long term deal.

One of the ways for a smaller market team to succeed is to lock in their prospects to long term deals before they become established in the major leagues. It has been a way that the Rays have found success, and a model that other teams have emulated. Even large market teams have looked to lock in their top prospects, having the luxury of cost certainty as they look to build their roster.

The Oakland Athletics are no different. As a small market team, having that ability to lock in their players for the long term, while knowing exactly how their budget will be impacted, can make a major difference moving forward.

There are plenty of options that would be worthy of an extension for the A’s. However, in some cases, that opportunity may have passed. Marcus Semien had been an extension candidate, but his breakout 2019 campaign has likely priced him beyond the A’s budgetary capabilities. Likewise, Matt Chapman and Matt Olson would be prime candidates for an extension, but with their accomplishments, such extensions could also be outside their capabilities.

Chapman and Olson certainly deserve consideration for an extension. But let us look at three other players that the Oakland Athletics should approach about signing a long term deal.

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