Athletics history: Remembering Connie Mack and Earle Mack

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(Photo by Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics, Getty Images)

Connie Mack has an indelible place in Athletics history, but his son Earle also helped the family make MLB history as well.

Connie Mack is remembered as the Father of the Athletics. His place in Athletics history is carved into stone, as he was the founder, first manager, and the owner of the franchise. In fact, the A’s elephant logo came about when New York Giants manager John McGraw referred to the team as Mack’s ‘White Elephant.’

Yet, his history in the game entends from before the existence of the A’s and the American League as an entity. He had a long career as a catcher before becoming a manager, a solid player whose intellect was as prized as his ability on the diamond.

Then there was Earle Mack. He did not have nearly the career of his father; in fact, one could say that his entire time in the game was due to nepotism. Nonetheless, the younger Mack helped make MLB history with his father, even if it is not necessarily official.

On Father’s Day, let us take a look back at their pace in Athletics history, and how they technically made major league history as well.

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