Luis Barrera staying in Oakland A’s system

Luis Barrera had been designated for assignment when the Oakland A’s claimed Conner Capel on waivers. However, he is not going anywhere.

According to his transactions page on, Barrera has been outrighted to Triple-A Las Vegas. He will remain in their system for the time being.

Luis Barrera sticking with Oakland A’s again

There had been a time when Barrera appeared to be a potential building block for the A’s. Although it took longer than expected for his minor league breakout to happen, he had been regarded as one of their best pure hitters. His ability to spray line drives around the diamond and excellent contact skills made him someone that had a chance to be a part of their future.

Those skills have not yet translated to the major league level. Barrera has produced a disappointing .235/.290/.329 batting line in his 93 plate appearances, hitting one homer and five doubles. While he is still making plenty of contact, having struck out just 19 times, his subpar exit velocities and high ground ball rates do not inspire much confidence.

This does not mean that the A’s have seen the last of Barrera. He had found his way back on the A’s 40 man roster after being DFA’d before and had returned to the majors. His .274/.341/.419 batting line in 680 plate appearances at Triple-A may be slightly below average, but it is solid enough. Add in his ability to play all three positions in the outfield, especially given the A’s need to find anything useful there, and Barrera could be back at some point next year.

Luis Barrera will be staying in the Oakland A’s system. It is even possible that he will return to the majors at some point in their search for outfielders.