A’s Contest: Free Spring Training Tickets


Yup! That’s right, free A’s spring training tickets! RedLeaf Water (The Official Spring Training Water of the Oakland Athletics) has been kind enough to hold a giveaway for a PAIR of A’s spring training tickets. And from what I’ve heard, they’re awesome seats. Below is the contest information as well as the deadline:

1. Become a “fan/friend” of RedLeaf on Facebook—simply search “redleaf water” and mention you’re entering the contest with Swingin’ A’s

2. RedLeaf will be selecting the winner very soon, so enter now!

**So, if you would like to win a free pair of tickets to an A’s spring training game hurry and enter! Again, just become a fan of RedLeaf water on facebook!

Here’s a little information about RedLeaf Water:

redleaf water benefits:

Ultra-premium source:

•        An artesian aquifer in the Canadian Rockies that is renewable and naturally replenished.

Ultra-premium for the body:

•        No chemicals used in the bottling process or plant.

•         Micro-oxygenated to boost alertness, energy and re-hydration.

•         Magnetized which allows red blood cells to easily absorb oxygen.

•         Filtered four times for ultra-purification and natural mineral retention.

Ultra-premium commitment to the earth:

•        Bottled at the source in a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly bottling facility.

•        1:1 filtration process for no wasted water (most bottled waters are 6:1).

•         The BPA-free bottle, cap and shrink wrap are 100% recyclable.

•         Small carbon footprint – not shipped from overseas.

More information on redleaf water and store availability may be found at www.redleafwater.com.