A’s Anderson on DL; Team Cursed?


Oh no. It’s happening again!

Is it me, or are the Oakland A’s one of the most unluckiest teams in baseball when it comes to team health? Think about it. Coco Crisp, Eric Chavez, Justin Duchscherer and Joey Devine are all on the DL. Joining them on the DL, however, is young star Brett Anderson. Anderson, who signed a four-year extension with options for 2014 and 2015, is heading for the DL for the second time this season. Anderson’s first start after being activated from the DL went rather smoothly, but he did not make it out of the third inning in his last start against Boston.

According to the team, Anderson is expected to shut things down for awhile. They do not want to risk further injury, and do not want Anderson to try and rush back. Anderson has said that the pain is not too bad, and that it could be a lot worse, but he also has noted that he wants to ease his way back into pitching. Anderson is a big part of Oakland’s future, and the A’s certainly want Anderson to be healthy and productive throughout his career.

It is extremely discouraging, however, to see so many players in Oakland battling constantly with injuries. Duchscherer, who appeared healthy early on in the season is out for the remainder of 2010, and it is unclear whether or not Oakland will take a gamble on him next season. Chavez, who is in his last year of the six-year deal he signed in 2004, is trying to come back at some point this season. Chavez is a great player and person, but it is unclear whether or not he can be a productive player for Oakland.

The A’s training staff, in my opinion, needs to be overhauled. Something is not right. The A’s seem to be dropping like flies, and that is definitely not a good sign my any means whatsoever. Mark Ellis, the A’s second-baseman, just recently returned from the DL, but I’m still worried that he’ll end up making a return trip at some point during the season. The A’s have young talent, but they’ve had trouble preserving that talent.

As soon as Anderson signed the extension, he fell apart. Eerily similar to Chavy. I hope it does not turn out to be like that–although Anderson’s deal is a lot more affordable. Either way you look at it, the A’s training staff needs to be overhauled. Something should be done immediately.