A’s Trade Eric Patterson


Earlier today, the Oakland A’s traded utility OF Eric Patterson to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Fabian Williamson, a 21-year old prospect. According to reports, Boston was initially unwilling to trade Williamson for Patterson, however, after the Dustin Pedroia injury, things changed.

The A’s received Patterson via trade with the Chicago Cubs back in 2008. In that deal, the A’s sent talented but oft-injured pitcher, Rich Harden. The move was questioned by many, including myself, and I feel that the deal was definitely lopsided. The Cubs got a solid performance out of Harden, for the most part.

Patterson, who did not see much action last season, had his share of success this season with Oakland. Patterson batted .204/.255/.662 with 4 home runs and 10 RBIs. But after the A’s acquired OF Connor Jackson from Arizona and once Coco Crisp returned from injury, the A’s had no place for Patterson. Patterson appeared in 45 games this season.

Below is an excerpt from the full report, which can be found on the SFGate.

"Just a few hours after Boston placed second baseman Dustin Pedroia on the disabled list with a broken foot Saturday, the A’s traded utility player Eric Patterson to the Red Sox.In exchange, Oakland got a 21-year-old left-hander they’ve liked for some time, Fabian Williamson. Several days ago, sources said, Boston was unwilling to deal Williamson for Patterson, but the Pedroia injury changed that, especially with several other teams expressing interest in Patterson – teams who would have picked ahead of Boston in the event that Patterson was put on the waiver wire."