Brad Pitt Gets Ready For ‘Moneyball’


Despite the franchise’s recent struggles, the Oakland Athletics will be getting their own feature-length film. Brad Pitt will star as A’s General Manager, Billy Beane, in the upcoming flick, ‘Moneyball.’ The movie, which will be an adaptation of Michael Lewis’ best-seller, revolves around Beane as he tries to put together a winning team on a budget. The movie also stars Jonah Hill, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Wright. As of today, Pitt has begun shooting the film in LA. For the full story on Pitt’s role as Billy Beane, you can click here.

Personally, I think this film is a little too late. The A’s have finished under .500 in each of the past three years, and have since faded from the glory days of the ‘Moneyball’ era. The book, however, is a great read and has had its own influence/impact on the game today.