Oakland A’s Rumors: Las Vegas A New Possibility?


When A’s owner Lew Wolff took over the team in 2005, his main goal was to move the team into a new stadium. As many of you already know, the A’s currently share the Coliseum with the NFL’s Oakland Raiders. And while the A’s have a storied franchise in Oakland, the team’s recent drop in attendance is pushing Wolff to the brink of moving his team elsewhere.

The A’s are currently trying to see if the team can relocate to San Jose, which falls under the territorial rights of the San Francisco Giants. The A’s would need approval from all 30 owners in order to make the move to San Jose. The A’s have a young new team, and are on the rise. The young pitching staff has been on an incredible run, as they’ve lowered their ERA to 3.48 (3rd in AL). So, as you would expect, the team wants a new location in which they can showcase their young talent best.

Aside from the prospects of keeping the A’s in Northern California, there are rumors swirling that Las Vegas wants a professional baseball team. The A’s are in search for a new stadium, and if they can’t take San Jose away from the Giants, could Las Vegas be the place to go? Ideally, it’d be best for the team and its fans for the team to stay in Oakland. However, Wolff has already come to the conclusion that there are no suitable locations in Oakland remaining.

And while Wolff has said in the past that his ultimate goal would be to have the A’s stay in Northern California, if Las Vegas is serious about adding a professional baseball team, Wolff would (probably) consider the possibility of moving the A’s to Nevada.

Disclaimer: The possible move to Las Vegas is based solely on rumors. For more information on a possible AL West team relocating to Las Vegas, click here. For more information and baseball rumors, click here.