An A’s Fan’s Guide To A Boring Off-Season


Now that the playoffs are in full-swing, it’s time to take a step back and just enjoy America’s past-time. The A’s, who finished the season with a .500 record (for the first time since the 2006 season), are sadly not in the playoffs, but don’t despair A’s fans! While the A’s might not be playing in the post-season, there are a few things to do during this off-season.

#1. Watch the MLB Playoffs: Sure, the A’s might not be in it, but baseball is still enjoyable to watch (at least to me it is). The Yankees (ugh) advanced to the ALCS after sweeping the Twins, while the Rays held on today and beat Texas to stay alive another day. Elsewhere, in the National League, the Reds are in a hole, and the Braves came back to even their series against the Giants. I still feel that the Giants have a shot at the NLCS, especially when you look at their formidable rotation. Even if the A’s aren’t in the playoffs, watching baseball is still very enjoyable if you’re a big baseball fan like I am. If you’ve lost interest in the playoffs, or if it’s just too depressing to watch, check out option #2 below.

#2. Re-Read (Or Read if you haven’t already) Michael Lewis’ Moneyball: I first read this book near the time it came out. I was sitting in math class, when my math teacher, who knew I was an A’s fa, referred it to me. After reading Lewis’ take on the A’s, I must say I was impressed by the way Billy Beane and Co. did business. It’s truly a great read, and you don’t even have to be an A’s fan to enjoy what Lewis has to say. If you have not read the book, please head to your nearest Barnes and Nobel, or check out for your copy of Moneyball. Oh yeah, did I mention that Brad Pitt will be playing A’s GM Billy Beane in the upcoming movie adaptation of the book?

#3. Reminisce the ‘Good Old Days,’ or this past season: Take this off-season to remember the ‘good old days,’ when the A’s were consistent playoff contenders. Remember, in Oakland’s history the team has captured 14 division titles. You could even reflect upon the A’s 2010 season, where they finished in second-place with an 81-81 record. Despite lacking a powerful force in their lineup, the A’s did show a ton of growth and development this season, and are definitely on the rise. The A’s young rotation, which led baseball with the most quality starts, will remain largely intact for next season, and if the team lands a bat or two this offseason don’t be surprised to see the A’s atop the AL West next year.

**Along with these suggestions, be sure you keep yourself informed about any possible signings the A’s might make this winter. Hopefully, Billy Beane will open the pocket-book this winter and finally put together a decent offense to really help the young rotation bring this team to the top of the standings.