Giants Prove Why They’re the Better Bay Area Team…For Now


While the A’s finished the season with a .500 record, the Giants proved on Monday why they’re the better bay area team. The fans of San Francisco can rejoice now that their team has capture their first World Series win since moving to the bay area. The A’s meanwhile, have got to go back to the drawing board this offseason and address their anemic offense.

The Giants did not boast a very good offense over the course of the regular season, but their pitching was good enough to carry them into the post-season. Many baseball analysts did not expect the Giants to score many runs during the post-season, but the team proved otherwise. The Giants outscored the AL Champions Texas Rangers, 29-12. Mind you, the Giants outscored the Rangers, who hit .276/.338/.419 and scored 787 runs during the regular season.

As an A’s fan, I really can’t say that I’m happy about the Giants’ post-season dominance, but I do have to give credit where credit is due. The Giants were the last team I expected to win the World Series, but they were good enough to beat the Padres, Dodgers and Rockies in the NL West and capture their first world series win since moving to SF.

The A’s, while they did not necessarily disappoint me, failed to win a championship. The A’s were a young team, and no one predicted them to get any further than a .500 record, but the ultimate goal for every team is to win a championship. Baseball is full of hope, and of course, despair.

Not that A’s fan should be in despair or anything, but baseball does have a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde aspect to it. One minute your team is in the playoff hunt, and the next you find yourself counting the days ’til next spring. The A’s have a core of young players, who have a ton of potential and upside. The Giants had a great core of young pitching this season (Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez, Bumgarner…), and enjoyed a very fun-filled season this year.

Billy Beane has a lot of work to do this offseason before he can recapture the bragging rights as having the best team in the bay area. If he can assemble all the right parts, however, the team has a shot for their own title run next season. Remember, the Giants won it with timely hitting and a stellar performance out of their rotation. The A’s have the foundation for a strong rotation. All they need now are some reliable bats in the middle of their lineup.