A’s Continue Roster Trimming


Apparently, the Oakland A’s were not finished with making changes to their roster.  One day after moving John Meloan, Justin Souza, Gabe Gross and Jeff Larish back down to Triple-A status, they decided to continue house cleaning, and eliminated relief pitchers Boof Bonser and Justin James, as well as outfielder Matt Carson.  According to MLB.com analyst Jane Lee, both Bonser and Carson were sent back down to Triple A League, Sacramento. A’s management is looking to put effective players in the lineup during the offseason and as a result will downsize it’s 40-man roster to 30 for now.

Bonser, has refused the offer from the A’s and has decided to become a free agent, This is not the first time that the relief pitcher who, in 13 appearances with the A’s had a 5.09 ERA, has decided to leave a team.  At the beginning of the 2010 season he also elected to become a free agent after the Red Sox outrighted him to play in the minors. It is difficult to say where Bonser will end up, however from past actions during the 2010 season he may refuse any offer to start down in the minors again.

The Milwaukee Brewers decided not to wait around and quickly scooped up Justin James for their 40-man roster. James was brought to Oakland from the Independent Northern League, the Kansas City T-Bones, when he was called up to play with the River Cat’s in Sacramento on July 22 and them promoted to play with the A’s a short time after.  He was able to post an incredible 4.50 ERA in only five appearances with the A’s.  James has a promising future with the Brewers because of his comeback kid story.  His former coach, T-Bones manager Tim Doherty has been quoted in the Kansas City Kansan saying, “He is a good example that if you continue to work hard and stay focused your dreams are within reach.”

Outfielder Matt Carson, who started his career with the Yankees in 2002, will most likely go back to the to the RiverCats even though, he did consent to terms that he would be invited to participate on the non-roster for the 2011 Spring Training season. Carson also may become a strong second option behind Ryan Sweeney, who is expected to also return to Spring Training for the 2011 season after having surgery on his right patella back in July of this year.   Carson did extraordinarily well with the RiverCats.  According to Oakland Clubhouse.com’s Senior Editor Melissa Lockard, Carson hit .303 with 13 homers and 13 stolen bases.  In his debut with the A’s, he was not able to pull off the same feat and averaged .177 with four homers in the 36 games he participated in.