A’s Fan Calls Out Giants RP Brian Wilson To A Boxing Match


The rivalry between the A’s and The S.F. Giants has and will always be on-going.  When the Giants won the 2010 World Series I am sure that many A’s fans, including me, were not too happy.  However, on the other hand, I would have rather seen them win than the Rangers who beat us out in the AL West.   I am not one to hold a grudge when it comes to sports but it looks like some A’s fans have.   Including one who has challenged Giants RP Brian Wilson to a charity raising boxing match.

A’s fan “Nick”  (he does not want to disclose his last name)  has set up this website challenging Wilson to this sparring match because he was asked by an angry Wilson to fight him at the May 23rd game game between the A’s and Giants.   According to the website, Wilson was not happy that Nick asked him to sign his broom.  Mind you the broom was a visual  metaphor for the 2-0 sweep the A’s had over the Giants that weekend.

Nick stated on his website iwannafightbrianwilson.com the following incident occurred:

“The A’s were going for the sweep so I brought my broom with me. Our seats were about three rows up from the Giants bullpen. before the game started Brian Wilson walked up to our area and gave some Giants fans some autographs, so I asked him if he could sign my broom “Cool Guy” since he thinks he’s such a cool guy.   I guess he picked up on my sarcasm and just looked at me with a get lost face.  I continued to ask him to sign my broom “Cool Guy” so he moved over a little to square up with me and asked me, “Are YOU making fun of ME”? And after I laughed a little bit I said, “wow not just cool, your smart too”.   So at this point he got all heated up and said, “Who the hell are you”, and challenged me to come on the field. I just responded by laughing and saying look at you a professional athlete letting some Joe Schmoe get under your skin.  He just continued to challenge me to come down there and fight him.   Of course I’m not going to go down onto a professional baseball field to fight a player,  I’m not an idiot. He continued to get mad as I just laughed at him, to the point that his bullpen coach had to pull him away and push him all the way into right field as he yelled and cursed at me”.

The website also goes on to say that he (Nick) will safely fight Wilson at any gym of his desire at any time and that any proceeds that are accrued from promotions will be split down the middle with half going to a children’s charity and the other will go to Wilson.  Wilson will be the decision maker as to where his half will go.  I would hope that he would do the same.

Whether it was inappropriate for this fan to “egg” Wilson on, or if Wilson was just being a poor sport who couldn’t take a joke is yet to be determined.   However, if  Wilson does decide to  “man up” to this challenge I have to ask, does this mean he will fight with both his beard and Aubrey Huff’s red thong?  I hope not.