Playing The Waiting Game…


On this last day of January, I’d just like to say that I’m really excited about this upcoming season of A’s baseball. Since November, the A’s have been one of the most aggressive teams this offseason, and I must say that their additions (both offensively and defensively) have been stellar.

A’s fans should be stoked about seeing Hideki Matsui in green-and-gold, and about the added pitching depth that really puts the rotation and bullpen over the top.

Another name A’s fans should be excited about is Rich Harden, who returns to Oakland since being traded in 2008 to Chicago Cubs. Harden has had his share of injuries, but at 29, he’s still young enough to make a serious impact in either the A’s rotation or the bullpen.

Offensively, the A’s are still do not possess a very intimidating lineup, but they are improved. Adding Matsui helps, but adding guys like David DeJesus and Josh Willingham makes the A’s lineup a little more formidable.

That in itself should be exciting enough.

If that’s still not enough to convince A’s fans to come out to the Coliseum this season, here’s one more reason for all of you to be super excited about the 2011 season: the A’s starting rotation.

Guys like 18-game winner Trevor Cahill, and curveball expert Gio Gonzalez, are poised for big seasons in 2011. Cahill, at just 22 years old, won 18 games last year, and he’s part of a rotation that the foundation for a second-coming of Oakland’s famous “Big Three” (Hudson-Mulder-Zito of the early 2000s).

Last season, both Cahill and Gonzalez combined to win 33 games for the A’s, and this year that number could very well increase. Especially if you add a guy like Brett Anderson, who figures to be a perennial ace for the A’s in the coming years.

Anderson, I think, possesses the most talent out of three, and if he’s healthy, he should have a tremendous season in 2011. Anderson-Cahill-Gonzalez should remind A’s fans of the glory days of the Hudson-Mulder-Zito era.

There’s a whole lot to be excited about this season, and hopefully A’s fans won’t miss out on a great year at the Coliseum. All we have to do now is wait…

Remember: Feb.14 is when pitchers and catchers can report to camp. Feb.26, however, is the mandatory date for all players. March 31st is Opening Day.