Should The A’s Really Move To San Jose?


A couple of days ago there a blog that was published as to why the San Francisco Giants should give up their territorial rights to the Oakland A’s so that they can build a new stadium in San Jose.  There are many reasons to move them to San Jose, but upsetting Giants fans by assuming that they will switch loyalties is not one of them.

According to Adam Fusfeld of the Business Insider Sports Page, the A’s would benefit financially by making the several arguments as to why the A’s should be moved to the South Bay.  The following are his points;

“Build the new stadium they desperately need but Oakland appears unwilling to fund.”

My understanding is that Oakland is willing to fund a new stadium.  The funds are supposed to come from the city’s redevelopment agency.  That was the plan at least.   Then our new governor, Jerry Brown came in and said, “hey I am going to cut funding and that includes some city agencies.”  Both San Jose and Oakland were on that list.  I am wondering how in the world is San Jose going to get this funding now, much less Oakland.

“Move out from underneath the long shadow cast by their National League neighbors.”

I want to agree with this statement because they are right across the bay from each other, but I really don’t think moving them to 48 miles to the south is going to move them from underneath that shadow, the only way that will happen is if the Giants move out of San Francisco.  There are loyal Giants fans and Loyal A’s fans and then there are those that love both teams.  Ever see the split baseball caps with both the A’s and Giants on it?  They are quite the fashion statement.

“Accomplish all that without being accused of stealing the team from the fanbase, as San Jose is just 35 miles from Oakland.”

I don’t think A’s fans are accusing San Jose of stealing the team away from them.  There are many fans up and down the Bay Area as well as across the country.   I just got from Portland, Oregon and I saw a number people decked out in A’s paraphernalia.  Albeit, that most of these fans are in the East Bay, it is just a matter of preference.  San Jose is looking to get the team for economic reasons, even though they have a severe budget shortfall.  Oakland wants to keep their team where they are because they are the Oakland A’s not the San Jose A’s.   If the Giants really wanted to give up that territory in San Jose they would, but then again where would that put the San Jose Giants?  I am sure many of those fans would not be happy that an MLB team will be down the way from them.

As for Billy Beane having little funding to get some big hitters and throwers to play for a team with less that a desirable stadium is simply a fallacy.   I say that because the team that he has wrangled up for this years season is not your regular meat and potatoes team, if you haven’t noticed he was able to acquire some pretty good players without all bells and whistles.

Bottom line here is that San Francisco can do what they want and Giants fans in San Jose will not become A’s fans.   Maybe the A’s should move to Portland, Oregon.  They will pick up a great fanbase up there.