A’s Trade Comes Down In Toronto

By Editorial Staff

The A’s made a move on Monday to trade their minor league pitcher Danny Farquhar for Toronto Blue Jay’s pitcher David Purcey.  This news is, of course, coming on the heels of management’s decision to place perfect game pitcher Dallas Braden on a 15 day disability hiatus for shoulder pain.  He was able to play 5 innings against the Tigers last Saturday, when his shoulder started to stiffen.   A decision was finally made to take him out.

The trade for Purcey may have been a smart move for the team due to the fact that they want to make sure their pitchers, both playing with the A’s and Triple A Sacramento are in good shape and ready to play at a moments notice when called up.  You never know when a pitcher will be on the DL and that is becoming apparent with Braden.

Purcey was the Blue Jays 16th overall pick during the 2004 draft and made 12 starts with the team in 2008.  His ERA was 5.54 and posted a record of 3-6.  He also owns a career big league mark  a 5.42 ERA in 59 games, including 21 starts.

A’s management also will be wasting no time in putting Purcey on the 40-man roster in order to fill in pitcher Rich Harden’s spot.  Harden is also on the DL, but unlike Braden, The Canadian native was put on a 60-day timeout from the game due to a strained right shoulder.

As for Farquhar, he will head back to the Blue Jays.  During his time with the Sacramento River Cats, the right-hander was able to allow on unearned run in eight innings.  He is being traded back to Toronto after his stint with the A’s Triple -A team in a deal that sent Center Fielder Rajai Davis to Toronto last November.