Will The A’s Consider Trades To Compete?


Friday night, I  was at the A’s and Rangers game.  This was the first time going to many games and I finally was able to sit in the first row behind Oakland’s bullpen.  While I watched the A’s gain momentum over Texas and win the game I couldn’t help wonder if the A’s will be able to make it to the playoffs.  Now I know that it is too early in the season to even fathom, but I have high hopes.  Then on Saturday, I watched game 2 of the series and I started to become highly concerned.  The Rangers demolished our poor A’s 11-2.  Does this mean that the A’s need to rethink their game plan and consider some trades?  Well, it may be happening sooner than anyone thinks.

When you look at the A’s offense they have gotten somewhat better but, are still considered lackluster compared to other teams who see their chances of a playoff grow brighter.  With this news, is it possible the A’s will make more trades?  According to Bleacherreport.com some possible name have come up to bolster the lineup.  They include New York Mets, David Wright, Brewers, Prince Fielder and Corey Hart and  Washington Nationals, Ryan Zimmerman.

If these trades are going to come to fruition for the A’s then they will have to pull out all of the stops to land a heavy hitter.   Of course, any trade discussions will involve the A’s current pitchers: Brett Anderson, Trevor Cahill and Gio Gonzalez but, does this mean that one of these players could possibly be traded?  I guess it depends on who they want and whether it is really worth letting go one of these key players.

If these players are not going to be considered for a trade, then that leaves those pitchers who are up and coming.  These players include Michael Taylor, Chris Carter, Michaels Choice, Ian Krohl, Grant Green, Michael Ynoa, Jemille Weeks and Adrian Cardenas.

Bleacherreport.com is putting their bets on Jemille Weeks and Adrian Cardenas.  “Both players are off to a spectacular start to their 2011 season in Triple-A Sacramento. Cardenas is hitting .429 at the time of this writing, and Weeks is batting .322.”  Grant Green is also doing well and not expected to be traded anytime soon.

The rest of the pack varies, some of them such as Carter, Taylor Krohl and Choice have not proven that they have the potential to step up, at least not yet.  As far as Michael Ynoa goes, well, he had Tommy John Surgery recently and is still down for the count.

With that, whatever Billy Beane decides to do, if he is even considering this kind of trade, will be for the good of the both the team and the A’s organization.  Whatever it takes to get to the playoffs.