River Cats Playing In Luxury While A’s Suffer in O.co


We all know that the Oakland Athletics play in one of dumpiest places in major league baseball, but did you know the team’s Triple-A affiliate plays in an oasis in Northern California?

Well, maybe not an oasis, but Raley Field is sure a heck of a lot better than Oakland’s O.co Coliseum. Raley Field, home of the Sacramento River Cats, outshines O.co Coliseum in every facet of the game. From the atmosphere to the Food & Beverage, Raley Field is a much more respectable place to call “home.”

The A’s, meanwhile, can only watch as their Triple-A club basks in all the glory that is Raley Field. Mired in a tough stadium situation, one that has a stranglehold on their long-term planning, the A’s are forced to continue to play in the outdated Coliseum.

Bud Selig appointed a special committee to analyze and oversee all of Oakland’s stadium options, but after two years of the old runaround, Oakland’s hopes for a new stadium could be dwindling.

General manager and Vice President of the team, Billy Beane, has publicly stated before in the past that he’s hopeful that MLB will make a decision soon regarding Oakland’s request for a new venue.

I mean, the fact that Oakland’s minor league affiliates are playing in more suitable venues than their parent club is a little embarrassing. Lew Wolff, Oakland’s co-owner, has stated before that the organization has exhausted all options in Oakland for a possible stadium build, and that the only viable venue location remains in San Jose.

The San Francisco Giants, however, are adamant about keeping their territorial rights in San Jose. Oakland is trying, albeit without much success, to jump around the Giants’ territorial rights.

It’s becoming more and more clear that Oakland is in desperate need of a new ballpark. The A’s future simply does not include playing in O.co Coliseum. It’s sad. Think of all those prospects accustomed to playing in a real ballpark like Riley Field who have to come play in the confines of O.co Coliseum.

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