Video Of The Week: A’s Billy Beane Leads Youth Movement


With the offseason approaching, baseball executives like A’s GM Billy Beane are probably already laying out their plans for the 2012 season. Beane, however, has a lot on his plate this offseason. Oakland currently plays in one of baseball’s worst stadiums and are currently pushing for a move to San Jose. A lot of what Beane does this offseason depends on whether or not the A’s will be allowed to move to San Jose.

If the small-budget A’s are allowed to move to San Jose, the team is expected to undergo another rebuilding phase. By undergoing another rebuild, the A’s figure they’ll have a contender to show off in their nice, shiny, and state-of-the-art stadium in San Jose.

Getting denied by Selig, however, would likely result in the A’s becoming aggressive spenders as a way to attract future buyers. The team, stuck in a five year postseason drought, would likely spend to stay competitive and appealing to potential owners.

Lew Wolff, who bought the team back in 2005, has tried to move the team out of Oakland, but hasn’t had very much success. Getting denied would likely mean the end of the Wolff era.

Wolff, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, is trying everything in his power to get his team to San Jose. He is reportedly trying to purchase land in San Jose as a way to demonstrate his unwavering determination to get his team a new stadium.

In an old A’s commercial, from 1999, general manager Billy Beane and ex-manager Art Howe are seen talking about signing a young prospect in Howe’s office. Beane, who has a lot on his plate this offseason, likes young players and could be forced to go young yet again this offseason should his A’s get the green-light to move.

The commercial is hilarious, but probably isn’t too far from the truth. The A’s love pitching. They also love young, inexpensive pitching. You can never have too much pitching. Watch & Enjoy!