Lew Wolff Denies Stadium Rumors


The rumors that were swirling around the blogosphere about the A’s and their possible move to San Jose seem to be false. A’s co-owner Lew Wolff shot down those rumors that suggested the A’s were going to be allowed to move to San Jose after Bud Selig cleaned up the Los Angeles Dodgers’ mess first.

The sale of the Dodgers is definitely a top priority for MLB, while the A’s current stadium situation remains on the back-burner. Nothing new, but this say-nothing, do-nothing approach to the A’s stadium situation is growing old.

According to the rumors, as reported by the New York Daily News, the A’s had a “tacit agreement” with Selig and MLB that the A’s would move to San Jose. Wolff, who claims he had no such agreement in place with Selig, shot down those rumors.

MLB and Selig have had nearly three years to decide the fate of the A’s, but have not provided the A’s with a concrete decision. The A’s, meanwhile, have been patient, respectable, and quiet during this whole process.

They’ve also had to put this offseason on hold.

It’s a yes or no answer. You’d think, after three years that MLB would have come to a decision by now. The A’s have been on the back-burner long enough, it’s time that the green-and-gold get permission to build a new stadium in San Jose.

You can read more about Wolff’s comments on NBC Bay Area