A’s Tearing Apart Pitching Foundation?


This offseason, the Oakland A’s are remaining open to the idea of dealing some of their best players. Oakland’s biggest asset, without question, is its strong pitching foundation. Many teams, including the Boston Red Sox, Miami Marlins, and the Seattle Mariners are interested in acquiring some of Oakland’s young pitching talent, with most teams currently targeting Gio Gonzalez.

Gonzalez, 26, is Oakland’s biggest trade chip and many teams are showing a strong interest in the All-Star pitcher. Oakland’s southpaw has gone 31-21 over the past two seasons while compiling a 3.17 ERA during that time span. And at just 26 years of age, Gonzalez figures to get better with more major league experience.

Oakland is not actively shopping its players, but they are open to potential trades. Oakland is said to be looking for two top prospects as well as a few lower-level minor leaguers in exchange for Gonzalez, but whether or not Oakland will actually get what they’re looking for in exchange for Gonzalez has yet to be seen.

If the team does, in fact, ship Gonzalez out of the bay area, the A’s will have a pretty shaky pitching foundation. The team has already parted ways with Trevor Cahill, who was sent to Arizona in exchange for top-prospect Jarrod Parker. Given the team’s recent struggles with staying healthy, Oakland will look to add depth to a rotation that struggled during the second-half of last season.

Given the team’s current stadium situation, it is easy to see the franchise’s attempt to rebuild itself in anticipation of a new venue. General manager Billy Beane anticipates that a decision regarding the team’s bid for a San Jose stadium will be addressed soon, which could help to explain his willingness to tear apart what has made his recent teams competitive: his pitching.

It is his biggest asset, so utilizing it to replenish his farm-system isn’t a far-fetched idea. He’s, in more ways than none, anticipating a new venue in which will need to give way to a new era of Athletics’ baseball. Beane is no stranger to the rebuild process and if he’s given the right deal, he’ll pull the trigger on yet another massive overhaul.

He’s not going to give away his players, but it’d be foolish to think Beane will remain idle for the remainder of the offseason.

Gonzalez and relief pitcher Andrew Bailey are two Oakland players receiving a lot of attention in MLB rumors right now. If Beane has a shot at getting what he’s looking for in exchange for either pitcher, you’d better believe that he’ll pull the trigger on a trade. He’s showed, especially with the Cahill trade, that he’s willing to tear apart his foundation and start from scratch…again.