Welcome To Hotel Wolff


Welcome to Hotel Wolff, a five-star resort located in the heart of San Jose. According to a recent post featured on the San Francisco Chronicle, the A’s ownership purchased a luxury hotel located in downtown San Jose as an effort to strengthen its standing in city.

The A’s are pushing hard for a new stadium and the organization has set its sights on the city of San Jose as their new home. The San Francisco Giants, however, contend that San Jose falls within their organization’s territorial rights and are trying to stop the A’s from violating those rights.

A’s owner Lew Wolff and general manager Billy Beane have been patiently waiting for a new stadium, but MLB and Bud Selig have played the waiting game with the cash-strapped Athletics for nearly three years now. Oakland needs the approval from MLB and Selig before any new stadium can be built in San Jose.

Rumors have been swirling around recently that seem to suggest that the A’s will, at some point in the near future, receive the necessary approval from Selig to begin planning for a new venue in San Jose. The Giants, however, are not showing much support in their bay area rivals’ bid for a new venue in San Jose.

Wolff is hopeful, though, as evident by his $17-$18 million hotel purchase that the A’s will successfully lay out the ground work for a new San Jose venue. He and his team are working hard to show MLB that they’re serious about San Jose.

Why else would the guy buy a 171-room hotel in San Jose, which also happens to be conveniently located near the proposed site of a new A’s ballpark?

Perhaps he could use the hotel as a place to lay his head at night and cry out his sorrows when MLB denies his bid for a San Jose stadium. Or maybe he strongly believes that the A’s will, at some point, get approval from Selig for a new stadium to be built in San Jose.

I’m a Motel 6 guy myself, though.

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