Will You Show Up In 2012?


Given the fact that the A’s are already waving the white flag of surrender before the start of the season, are you putting much faith into the 2012 season? If so, why? The A’s haven’t been relevant for a few years now and Billy Beane has seemingly started yet another massive overhaul with no plans of winning until 2014 at the very earliest.

There are no big time players on the A’s current roster and with relatively no star-power, what will bring you, the fan, to the ballpark this season? Is your love of the A’s and the game of baseball really enough to justify spending your hard-earned cash on season tickets or single-game tickets this year?

The A’s have a few young players worth watching, but this is supposed to be a major league team. Many fans are frustrated that this major league franchise has been reduced to minor-league affiliate level, and with no clear stadium solution on the horizon, it’s hard to imagine things getting better.

Oakland had a difficult time attracting fans to the ballpark in 2011 and while overall attendance numbers were up in 2011, the numbers are very discouraging. The dwindling fan-base is obviously growing tired of these failed rebuild attempts.

So I ask you, will you show up for 2012? Sound off below!