Stadium Journey Reviews MLB Experience In Japan


The series in Japan may be over, but that doesn’t mean we should completely forget about the A’s series against the Seattle Mariners that took place in Japan. The folks at, who have graciously sent links to their in-depth reviews of major sports venues including the lovely O.Co Coliseum (insert sarcasm about Coliseum), have provided us with a link to their latest review: the MLB experience in Japan.

The Tokyo Dome in Japan provided the home for the A’s during their series with the Mariners and as Sean MacDonald describes in his piece, the experience in Japan is much different than your typical MLB game here in the states. While the series against the Mariners ultimately served as MLB’s Opening Series, the experience, as MacDonald suggests, requires a Japanese mindset/perspective in order to appreciate the series.

Overall, MacDonald’s piece is a terrific read and I recommend taking a few minutes of your day to read and check out his work on I’ve included a passage from the piece as well as a link at the bottom of the passage so that you can read about the MLB Experience in Japan for yourself. Enjoy!

"Entering the stadium required an understanding of the Japanese mindset. As this was an MLB game, extra security precautions were required. First, a small plastic bag was handed out and all fans were instructed to place metal objects into this plastic bag before going through the metal detector. Of course, carrying two cameras, binoculars, and a cell phone, there was no way everything would fit into the tiny bag, but it didn’t matter. At the gate, my knapsack was scanned by an earnest young man who asked permission to use his white-gloved hands to check the belongings. The check was cursory at best, more to ensure that I did not have any cans or bottles rather than anything dangerous.—Sean MacDonald,"


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