Imminent Return: What happens when Josh Reddick is back?


It’s been a long time since Josh Reddick was in the line up for the A’s and an even longer time since he produced at the rate he did last year. May 6th. That’s when Reddick went on the 15 day Disabled List (DL) for the wrist he hurt against the Houston Astros attempting to catch a foul ball down the right field line. It’s May 30th now and nearly three weeks has passed since Reddick went on the DL. The A’s decided to put Reddick on the DL as he continued to struggle swinging the bat. They later said his wrist was the cause of his struggles at the plate and the DL trip would do Reddick some good. Since the day the Green and Gold put the 2012 Gold Glove winner on the DL they have gone 13-8. What can the A’s expect when Reddick returns?

Apr 20, 2013; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Oakland Athletics right fielder Josh Reddick (16) before the game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Offensively: The biggest part of Reddick’s game that makes him a valuable player for the A’s. Obviously his defense gets the accolades but his offense is what helps put the A’s over the top as a team being considered “great”. His 30 plus home runs from last season probably will not be reached this season but 25 home runs is not certainly not out of the question. With a healthy wrist and being under the radar again somewhat expect Reddick to catch fire fast when he returns.

Defensively: Even with the wrist injury Reddick’s defense did not falter to an extent where he became a disservice to the team defensively. However, with the wrist being healthy his defense will only get better.

Clubhouse: Reddick’s leadership may have tumbled a little bit with his struggles and frustration. With a healthy wrist and some better play Reddick’s contagious attitude and leadership will again infect this team. Couple that with the emergence of Josh Donaldson and his same character traits and the A’s may have found a more productive Brandon Inge and Jonny Gomes.

Roster: With Reddick returning the A’s will need to make a roster move. The most likely candidates to be sent back down seems to be either Jesse Chavez or Luke Montz. Montz seems to be the prime candidate since he still has options left and Chavez is acting as the teams current long reliever.

A’s fans were frustrated with Josh Reddick before he went on the DL. However, with a few weeks off and some time to heal Reddick seems poised to break out and put a charge into an offense that is already taking off. If he can return to form from last year the A’s will be in an excellent position to make the postseason again.