Bartolo Colon’s Possible Suspension


Late last month I wrote an article on how A’s fans should prepare themsevles for life without Bartolo Colon. Colon is enjoying his best year in almost a decade with the Green and Gold, most recently beating the pesky thorn in the A’s side this season in the Seattle Mariners. Within a few days of the article I wrote being posted news broke of Tony Bosch, the now infamous leader of the former Biogenesis Clinic founded in Miami, agreeing to corroborate MLB’s evidence of steroid transactions and use amongst twenty or more MLB players last season. A list then was leaked containing names of twenty of the players who would face possible suspensions if the evidence against them was confirmed.

May 9, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Bartolo Colon (40) looks to the dugout in the second inning against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The list contained huge names including Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, Nelson Cruz, and others. One name that appeared that was unsurprising to A’s fans yet still hurt was that of their own Bartolo Colon. A’s fans instantly grew concerned has should still have concerns of a possible suspension coming Colon’s way. If he were to be suspended again it would be his second “guilty” verdict for P.E.D. use and would warrant a 100 game suspension.

There might be a positive in all of this mess for Colon however. For starters (no pun intended) he could argue the transactions happened prior to his suspension and thus could not be found guilty of the same “positive test” twice. Second, he could argue he has already served his time for a guilty test and should not be punished again. Lastly, if he is found guilty again the appeals process would be extremely lengthy considering MLB would probably go after the bigger name players first and the length of their appeals would be lengthy as well.This could be a positive because Colon is reaching the end of his career and may retire at any point. If the suspension hypothetically comes in August he could appeal and continue to play. The appeals process will likely take months thus making it a practical idea that Colon could pitch for the A’s in the postseason if they are to make it.

Colon is having an outstanding year. The way he has pitched so far in 2013 is All Star caliber. The A’s really needed a starting pitcher to step up with the absence of Brett Anderson for an unknown amount of time. Bartolo has taken the reigns and taken over the Ace role of the pitching staff. A’s fans should not be concerned about a possible suspension for Colon. He will either be let off because he has served his punishment, or he will be found guilty and will appeal thus allowing him to continue to play. While the latter may cause him to be suspended for 100 games next season that will no longer be the A’s concern as he only signed a one-year incentive-laden deal. Continue to be dominant Colon. The A’s need it if they want to continue on into October.