The Return of Pie


October 5, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Athletics catcher Stephen Vogt (21, front) receives a pie from right fielder Josh Reddick (16, back) after game two of the American League divisional series playoff baseball game against the Detroit Tigers at Coliseum. The Athletics defeated the Tigers 1-0. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

An old friend came to visit last night. A friend that was first introduced to us in the 2012 baseball season. A friend that brought back memories of a magical time, when for an instance even the most stressful day was forgotten about and replaced with a moment of youthful exuberance. Like most new friendships it took time to develop but over time a strong bond was developed and a new relationship was established. The return of are friend named “Pie”.

Now we have kept in touch with Pie throughout the 2013 season but the visits haven’t been quit as often or as prolonged, which made last night return visit that much greater. The anticipation of the reunion was shared by 48,000 of Pie’s closest friends not counting a few stragglers who tried to spoil the visit by constantly slamming the door in Pie’s face before we could open the door and let him in. Luckily Pie is very persistent and refused to let a few not so pleasant individuals, and their leader some fellow named Justin Verlander spoil the reunion.

Once Verlander decided he had enough and decided it was time for him to go home Pie just strolled right in the front door and made himself at home just like old times. Of course he had to introduce himself to some of the new faces who he didn’t have the pleasure of meeting last year. There was the young kid he had heard about briefly last year but whose name kept popping up more often this year Sonny Gray, who kept trying to let Pie in the door earlier only to be held back by Mr Verlander. The other new acquaintance that Pie wanted to meet was the Gentleman who finally swung the door wide open and allowed Pie to stroll right in and his name was Stephen Vogt.

Now Stephan had been trying to get introduced to Pie for a while but never could get properly introduced, but know was his time. So he welcomed Pie in with great enthusiasm and shouted “Let the Party Begin!”. So Pie reintroduced himself to his 48,000 closest friends and became the Life of the party just like the good old days.