Is It Time For The A’s To Make A Choice? As In Michael?


Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well A’s fans here we are again preparing for an off-season that came way to soon and even though the A’s didn’t reach their ultimate goal “The World Series” not all was negative. There was the development of Josh Donaldson from border line Major League player to “Deserving” All Star status and the continual improvement of a young Pitching Staff led by a Potential Star in Sonny Grey. However there are a few questions that need to be answered. Primarily, what to do with Josh Reddick?. There is no doubt Reddick is one of the premiere defensive outfielders in the game, but his offensive production has declined rapidly since his great 1st half in 2012. The struggles started in the 2nd half of ’12 and persisted through most of the 2013 campaign (not including the 5hr’s in two games in Toronto). The A’s have a potential big dilemma on their hands if Reddick is still on the Roster come Spring Training. Should they continue to stick with the Gold Glove outfielder and hope that the “Big” stick that was displayed in the 1st half of 2012 displays itself once again? Or have him compete with the young but talented Michael Choice.

The obvious answer to me ,which may not be the most popular with Reddick supporters is to have both players start Spring Training on equal footing. Now I know Reddick is the veteran and deserves the respect of holding such status, but Baseball is about producing positive results. Which means production needs to over-ride experience and contract status, even though this isn’t always the case. The A’s are a small market team that needs to maximize their production from every roster spot, so the convenience that the bigger market teams have of maybe missing on a projected starters production and not having it profoundly effect the “Teams” production is not there. So to have Choice and Reddick battle it out for the starting Right Field position is the only way to go and may the best man win. Let’s just hope the A’s make the right “choice”.