Scott Sizemore Quietly Outrighted; Elects Free Agency


The A’s made a quiet, yet disappointing move when they officially outrighted utility infielder Scott Sizemore off the 40 man roster (which after the transaction now stands at 38). Sizemore came over from the Detroit Tigers in May of 2011 for pitcher David Purcey. The trade became a success for the A’s when Sizemore had a great 2011 hitting: .249 AVG .345 OBP, .433 Slugging, 11 HR 52 RBI. He also brought along a nice glove. After going through the phase of whoever could fill in at third base Sizemore seemed to be a bright spot going into the 2012 season.

February 25, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Oakland Athletics third baseman Scott Sizemore (29) stretches during spring training at Papago Park Baseball Complex. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

And that’s where it ended for Sizemore. In Spring Training of 2012 Sizemore was participating in full team drills when he tore the ACL in his left knee. After the swelling went down it was decided he would undergo knee surgery to repair the ligament. This put Sizemore on the shelf for the entire 2012 season. He worked hard throughout the rehab process and was prepared to compete for the second base job going into the 2013 Spring Training. However, the rough road for Sizemore would take another bump.

Sizemore was chasing after a shallow fly ball in right field and it happened again. The same knee. The same ACL. Torn again. Another year gone to injury. This one stung just a little more obviously. To happen once is crushing, but to happen twice, the same injury is devastating. As Bob Melvin said after the second injury, “He plays with such heart. He cares so much, He wants to win.” This injury could be career ending for Sizemore, though it sounds as if he will try and rehab the knee again to give it another shot. However, as shown by the A’s transaction they do not think it will happen with them.

For a once top prospect with high praise Sizemore has not lived up to the potential yet in his young career. It certainly was not his fault that he tore the ACL in his left knee twice. Some things are just not in your control, especially in the sports world.

Sizemore elected Free Agency today and has moved on from the A’s. This is disappointing on both the A’s side and Sizemore’s side as Sizemore could never become the infielder the A’s thought they had received in 2011 from Detroit.

However, two positive things come out of this situation. On the A’s side of things this is one less player on the 40 man roster in which a different player could be added at a position that is much more needed such as the bullpen rather than the crowded infield. Also, with another spot already open the A’s now have two open spots on their 40 man roster possibl foreshadowing a trade. On Sizemore’s side he can now move on to a different team; a change of scenery of sorts. A fresh start for Sizemore is called for after two depressingly inury-plagued seasons in Oakland. He can be signed on the cheap and start over with a new team. One thing is for sure. It seems that he will no longer play for the Oakland A’s. Scott Sizemore we hardly knew ye.