Oakland A’s FanFest


Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason really sucks. I have countdowns set for Opening Night and even spring training because boy do I miss Oakland A’s baseball. But there’s something else I have on my countdowns and that’s FanFest.

For those who don’t know, FanFest is an event that the A’s host at the O.co Coliseum and Oracle Arena. It’s an event where real, dedicated, hardcore, and authentic fans can attend to make the offseason a whole lot easier. The team dedicates this event to show appreciation to the fans. The list of activities at FanFest is on the Oakland A’s website, but you don’t have to go there to find out what makes FanFest so fun. You have all the information you’ll need right here. The list of activities includes the following;

-Autograph signings

-Q&A sessions

-Clubhouse Tours

-Photos with World Series Trophies

Now doesn’t that sound amazing? The opportunity to ask your favorite players questions directly, getting their autographs, seeing the locker room, and even getting to see the trophies in person. Does it sound like something that may interest you? Of course it does! FanFest will take place this year on February 8th. Tickets go on sale today, January 9th. I suggest you hurry up and snag your tickets as there is only a limited amount available. Want even better news? Tickets are only $10.

So let’s review; $10 to see the trophies in person, tour the clubhouse, Q&A with your favorite players, and meeting them in person to get their autograph. Now that’s a heck of a deal! Fans can enter the Oracle arena at 9 a.m. where an hour later at 10 a.m. the team will be introduced. From there fans can enter the coliseum shortly after the introductions. After that you are free to roam and do the things you want at FanFest. It is officially over at 4 p.m.

This is where we here at the Swingin’ A’s website are here to help you even more. I’m going to tell you how to get the most out of your FanFest experience. You see last year was my first time actually being able to attend, and there were a few things I could’ve done better. The most important thing about FanFest, is to be there early! That is the most important thing. The closer you are to the front, the more time you have to enjoy everything. I was in the middle last time and didn’t get to tour the clubhouse. So the most important thing is be there with at least an hour or two to spare. Trust me waiting in line is worth it.

The other thing that I will tell you that will help is to prioritize what it is you want to do. Believe me when I say that FanFest is packed! You may not get to do all of the activities because of how many people will be there. For example, get your autographs first before anything else. Nothing will be a better experience at FanFest than getting to meet your favorite players. After that you pick what else you want the most. Prioritize and do those things in order, that way if you miss something, it won’t be the thing you were looking forward to the most.

So if you didn’t know about FanFest, now you do. If you already knew about FanFest but didn’t know this year’s details, now you do. Plus you even got some tips on how to make your experience even better. FanFest is always great, so let’s sell this event out for the second year in a row and show the baseball world that Oakland fans, are the best fans.