Oakland A’s Player of the Day: Jarrod Parker


Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s Oakland A’s Player of the Day is Jarrod Parker. Seeing as how he’s a pitcher we won’t be looking at his offense, simply the pitching. Parker is one of Billy Beane’s golden gems picked up through trade. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this potential ace pitcher.

2013 Pitching

Jarrod Parker had a rocky start in the season. He had some serious growing pains. Many fans, such as myself, began to doubt whether or not Parker should remain in the rotation. At some point early on in the season, Parker’s ERA was 8.10. That was in April. The struggles continued in to May, however he did turn the ship around. Jarrod Parker went on to have an amazing run as he went 19 starts undefeated. Once he started his streak, he didn’t lose it until they played the Angels in September. That’s amazing for a sophomore season. Jarrod Parker also got the nod in game 3 of the ALDS that the A’s went on to win. Parker was able to overcome his growing pains and have a monster season for the A’s. Parker was more effective than his 3.97 ERA shows. Parker was an anchor in the rotation, after his struggles in the beginning of the season he became the most reliable and consistent pitcher throughout the season. Jarrod Parker was amazing in 2013, enough to compete for the title of ace pitcher in this already very talented rotation.

2014 Pitching

Jarrod Parker has the potential to be an ace in 2014. I predict that Parker will have a few rough starts while he adjusts to the season again and shakes off the dust, but once he gets in a groove again people will be debating whether Parker or Sonny Gray should be the ace. A bold prediction I have to make is that Parker will beat his own streak and go more than 19 games undefeated. Parker’s ERA will be below 3.50 and he will have at least 14 wins. Parker is a great pitcher and still has plenty of years left to grow and improve. That is why in his third season, Parker will only be even better.

Final Thoughts

Jarrod Parker is an outstanding pitcher that we A’s fan need to thank Billy Beane for. Parker will have a future with Oakland and will stay with us for years to come, because in 2014 he will be our ace pitcher. Sonny Gray is great, but might encounter growing pains opening the door for Parker to step and become the A’s ace for the season. Parker will be one of the reasons the A’s will win the AL West yet again.