Why The Oakland A’s Are The Best Team In Baseball


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox may have won the World Series, but the Oakland A’s are still the best team in all of baseball. Yes you heard right, the best team in all of baseball. We respect other teams, there are some really good ones out there. It’s nothing personal. We as baseball fans can be civil towards other teams. But we as baseball fans can also say our team is the best. Here are 9 reasons why the Oakland A’s are the best.

1. The Fans

Other teams out there have great fans. But we have the best. Yes, the A’s don’t have the best attendance, but only in Oakland can you turn a small crowd of 15,000 on a Wednesday night into a home-field advantage. The noise we make, the passion we have, the love for our team shows even in the smallest of crowds. The fans don’t leave the ballpark until the game is over. We know that our team has a chance until the final strike is called. And even after the game is won, we stick around for the pie. We even have the die-hards up in the right field bleachers. Teams have said how they find it difficult to play in all the noise our crowd makes. We’ve even made players drop balls because they can’t hear each other call for the ball. Oakland fans are the best fans.

2. The Chemistry

Our team has something that you can’t buy with money, and that’s team chemistry. Our players get along so well with each other. There isn’t any tension between our guys. They come from all sorts of different backgrounds, like city they play in, they are diverse. Yet something about the Oakland atmosphere turns all these guys into friends. They don’t treat baseball like a business. They don’t need to have clean shaven faces, certain length hair, or anything like that. Our guys have fun playing the game. Our guys have fun with each other. Our guys are just like a group of kids playing little league, they have fun playing the game with their group of friends.

3. Depth

Our team is a well oiled machine. If someone goes to the DL someone can come up and replace him and the team doesn’t skip a beat. There’s depth in the outfield, in the bullpen, in the rotation, and now even in the infield. There’s so much talent on this team that there’s not enough roster spots to put them on. That’s a good problem to have. There are teams out there that as soon as they lose their starter they don’t have a good enough player to replace them. Our team doesn’t have to worry about that, because our team is the deepest team in baseball.

4. The Best Manager

Bob Melvin is the best manager in baseball right now. He’s won NL manager of the year, he’s won the AL manager of the year, and he would’ve won it for the second year in a row, except others had to be considered. Melvin was a finalist for the award again this year, but didn’t win it. And my guess is because he already had it last year, so they wanted to recognize somebody else this year. But no other manager can get the best out of his players and bring out the potential they have. Bob Melvin knows how to fix the lineup for a certain pitcher. He challenges the status quo. He is the master of platoons. He doesn’t stick to one lineup like the rest, he mixes it up. And he even defends his team when he needs to by getting ejected for standing up for his players. He is not the manager of the year, he is the manager of the decade.

5. La Potencia

The A’s have proven it takes a team to win. There are no real superstars, everyone contributes and everybody gets a moment of glory. But Yoenis Cespedes is too good of a player to not be a reason on this list. Cespedes had a bad year, in a slump. Yet even in a year where he is in a slump, he passed up his home run totals from last year. And we can’t forget the home run derby! 17 homeruns in the first round? Winning the Derby in the final round with only 5 outs? over 30 total and still could’ve had more? He knows how to put on a show. The best part though? The bat flip when he hit the winning homerun. Cespedes will only get better, get over the year he had a slump in. And Cespedes will lead the A’s to a World Series win.

6. The A guy

If you’ve ever been to an A’s game, odds are you’ve seen the “A” guy. Who is that you ask? Just a hardcore fan who literally made a giant A shaped costume that he wears. Yes, the A’s have a guy who is dressed in a giant green and gold A. This guy is so epic, he doesn’t go under the first reason, he gets his own reason. Anyone who goes through the trouble of making a giant A like that deserves his own reason on this list. Go to an A’s game and look for the “A” guy. He’s awesome.

7. The Deals

The A’s have the best deals for you to attend their games. There’s Family Friday ticket deal in which you can buy 4 plaza level tickets, 4 bags of peanuts, 4 coliseum dogs, and 4 medium drinks all for only 50 dollars! Then there’s $2 BART Wednesdays! Baseball tickets for only 2 dollars? What other team makes they’re games that affordable? Then there’s Dynamic Deals in which the prices vary but some examples have had field level tickets for $20. What team has better deals than that? None of them. Our team has the best deals in all the majors.

8. We Have Brad Pitt

There have been plenty of movies made revolving around major league teams, but none of those movies star Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. I mean when you have Brad Pitt playing the best General Manager in baseball and it’s all about your team it’s hard to beat that. Moneyball makes our team the best because no matter how bad the team ever does from now on, we always be able to pose the question, “Yeah, but does your team have their own movie starring Brad Pitt?” and their answer will be no. So thank you Brad Pitt, for helping make this the best team in baseball.

9. We Are Family

If you’re a hardcore A’s fan and have ever been to a game at the O.co, you will quickly see that you and the fellow fans are a family. Instant friendships are formed because everyone else there shares the fiery passion for the Oakland A’s. We are all blood related, because we all bleed green and gold. The atmosphere at the O.co is the best in all of baseball. Don’t mix this reason with reason number 1. This is different. This isn’t just about loud fans and devoted fans and all of the stuff explained in the first reason. This is about sharing a bond with your fellow man (or woman) and feeling like you belong, feeling like these people are your family as you all wave those rally towels on opening day or the day we clinch the division. We’re not just fellow fans, We are family.