How the Oakland A’s Fans Impact the Team


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of things have been going on recently for the Oakland A’s. They recently extended Coco’s contract for two years. He will be making 11 million each season in 2015 and 2016. Cespedes has recently commented that he would like an extension as well and has also said that he would like to end his career donning the Green and Gold.

This is perfect for the A’s because it is showing a trend. Players are enjoying their time in Oakland and wish to stay with this team. We are so used to watching other teams pick our team apart slowly piece by piece until we lose a great team and are back at rock bottom. But now as a team we have hope. If players like being in Oakland, if they enjoy the team they are on they will be more likely to take a lower contract deal to stay in Oakland. That means that other teams lose the power of money. It means Oakland is a safe haven from the other teams that try to buy their way to a championship.

But where is this coming from? Why do the players love playing in Oakland so much? It’s because of you. It’s because of me. It’s because of all of us fans. The fans provide an atmosphere in the that is unlike any other. The players like to play for the Oakland Athletics because the fans make them all feel important. It’s not just one guy, it’s everyone. Cespedes has his spotlight, so does Coco. But all players get their fair share. It’s hard to say fan favorite when it comes to all of these players because the fans love everyone. From the guys in the bullpen like Doolittle and Cook, to the guys that are platoon players like Sogard and Callaspo. Everyone is loved, and they feel that.

If we give them this love, they will respond. They will feel it and they won’t want to leave to another team where they won’t get as much love. This team has fans that love their players even through their struggles. Fans kept the faith in Cespedes and Moss, and they felt it. If we keep being the great fans that we are, they will stay. If we didn’t give them this love, Coco might have preferred playing elsewhere, or Cespedes. But they love playing for Oakland, and that is in part due to us. Keep it up folks, and we’ll keep our players for a long time.