Oakland A’s Done Making Big Moves


Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday during FanFest, Billy Beane confirmed that the Oakland A’s are done making big moves, and that any additional moves will only be made for depth purposes. The 25 man roster will come from the current group of guys there are now. That leaves many wondering whether or not this is good or bad news, especially since many thought there was going to be another impact bat coming to the team this offseason. Well folks, it’s good news. Here’s why.

The A’s don’t need to add an impact bat, they have plenty of capable hitters up and down the lineup. The A’s were 3rd in homeruns hit last season, and were 1st in the second half. They were 4th in totals runs scored in the Majors. These guys are already good enough on offense as they are. To bring in an impact bat such as Nelson Cruz would be foolish and a waste of money, and would only make a crowded roster that much more crowded.

The good news here, is that the A’s spent a lot of money on what they do best, pitching. The other division foes are bringing in big offensive names such as Prince Fielder and Robinson Cano. The A’s are responding by bringing in better pitching to shut these guys down and three-peat their AL West title. The A’s have spent a lot more money than they usually do, and they spent it on what they know works. They know that they have earned their AL West titles due to a strong pitching staff. They know that if you have great pitchers, it doesn’t matter who’s up to bat.

The A’s offense is not a bad one, so they know that as long as they can shut the other team down then they can count on their offense to put up just enough runs to win the game. That is why Beane is a genius. All of the other GM’s are bringing in big name offensive players to attempt and improve their team. Beane is doing the opposite, signing great pitchers to counter these big bats coming into the west. He does what the other teams don’t, he see’s what they’re doing and makes corresponding moves to come out on top.

That is why this is good news. Because we don’t need another big scary bat in the lineup. We need to focus on what we do best, and that’s pitching. Always remember the A’s fans motto: “In Beane we trust.”