Face of MLB: Eric vs. Gerald (Buster)


Bunting and Socks

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

This coming Monday, February 24, is the biggest Face of MLB showdown for Eric Sogard to date. The beauty of the competition is, it’s up to us, the fans to advance him. I think most A’s fans could agree that Posey is probably the better player. Voting is done by the fans though, and we A’s fans like to say we’re the best in baseball. It is time for us to prove it.

Need some motivation? I wrote an article trying to get A’s fans to vote against Posey last round, and some of the comments were pretty harsh. One wrote, “(choice words) An A’s player will never be face of MLB!” If we don’t come out in full force, and make Sogard advance, that guy will be right. I hate it when Giant’s fans are right.

If you haven’t voted yet, now is the time. All you have to do is send out a tweet on Monday, starting at 6 AM local time with the hashtags, #EricSogard #FaceOfMLB. That is all that is required for a vote to be cast. I suggest having some fun with it, as most A’s fans already do. These tweets are seen on the Face of MLB site, and the funny or visually appealing usually get some retweets, therefore, more votes. Each account gets 25 votes. It doesn’t matter when in the day you send them, just make sure you send all 25!

Please, share this article! Make other fans aware! Just think if (somehow) Gerald won. Their fans would never stop talking about it, no matter which team is having the better season.

Buster Posey seems like a very good guy, don’t get me wrong, but this is about OUR team. We are never covered nationally. We are never the favorite, always the underdog. You know why this current A’s squad loves playing in Oakland? It sure isn’t the media attention, or the facilities. It’s because of us. We make the Coliseum home. We let our voices be heard. We are loud. We are knowledgable. More than anything, we love baseball and our Oakland A’s.