Face of MLB: The 5 O’Clock Push


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, A’s fans the time for a big surge for the Face of MLB competition is upon us! It’s quittin’ time and all of those that have been at work today are going to start casting votes. Eric Sogard is currently up on Buster Posey 64/36. The link provided will give you an up to the minute count throughout the night.

Let’s keep the lead we have built and coast into the evening. We all want to sleep soundly tonight, and the higher the cushion, the deeper the sleep. A good night’s sleep leads to a productive day at work. A productive day at work leads to getting recognition from your boss. Getting recognition from your boss leads to a raise. All you have to do to get a raise is vote for #EricSogard as the #FaceofMLB.

Votes can be cast until 5AM Tuesday morning. This battle is far from over, so take to your Twitter and tweet  #EricSogard #FaceOfMLB.