Ron Washington Signs Extension Through 2015


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Everything is bigger in Texas. The names are bigger, the power stats are enormous and Ron Washington’s win total is larger than any manager in Rangers history. But bigger doesn’t always mean better. Just ask the two-time defending AL West Champs, the Oakland A’s.

Washington is beloved in Oakland, which makes it harder to root against the Rangers. Over the past few years however, the Rangers have been hogging the AL West spotlight with their success and big name free agent acquisitions. Washington has taken a subpar team and developed them into a contending powerhouse. He focuses on fundamentals, much like he did with the A’s. Heck, in Moneyball he taught Scott Hatteberg how to play first base!

In an odd twist of events, Ron Washington went on a tirade defending bunts this weekend. This is enjoyable as an A’s fan, because one of the few bunts the A’s executed in 2013 was against the Rangers and sparked a twitter controversy between Matt Garza and Face of MLB hopeful Eric Sogard. Garza got mad at Sogard for executing a bunt and took to Twitter to voice his frustrations, therefore putting him right next to C.J. Wilson as A’s fans least liked players.

Back to the extension and what it means going forward. Texas is going to be in the playoff mix with or without Washington. They just have too many good players not to. Washington does make the team better though. He will preach fundamentals and challenge a star player. Will he be the push that gets the Rangers over the hump in 2014 and 2015? They have a much better shot with Washington at the helm. Let’s just say I hope not.