Face Of MLB: Nerd Power vs. The Metric System


Eric Sogard is Charging Towards the Finals

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go A’s fans! The Face of MLB tournament is almost finished, and our boy Eric Sogard is still alive. Wednesday is a face-off between Eric Sogard and Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays. This vote could be rough for 2 reasons. The first being that seemingly all of Canada will be voting for Bautista, because the Jays are the only team up North. The second reason is that Joey Bats has been trolling for votes by offering to follow users that vote for him. This seems a little shallow. He must really want to win.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, just go to your Twitter account and tweet these two hashtags: #EricSogard #FaceOfMLB. Each account gets 25 votes. Be sure to use all of them! Voting starts at 6AM Wednesday and ends at 5AM Thursday.

On Monday night, Sogard beat Giant’s poster boy Gerald (Buster) Posey 55/45. Sogard was ahead all day, even reaching 73% early on. When the clock struck 5, and people started getting off of work, Posey fans closed the gap but couldn’t overcome the large margin. The Giants even tweeted that they would give away a signed Buster Posey ball if their tweet casting a vote for Posey was re-tweeted 5,000 times. There was a huge shift in percentage points around this time. Seemingly most A’s fans had spent their 25 votes hours before, and couldn’t counteract the volume of votes Posey was receiving.

Then came the calvary. The A’s players themselves starting tweeting their votes to people they know that have large numbers of followers asking for help. Josh Reddick tweeted WWE fans, the Sacramento River Cats (AAA affiliate) started reaching out to their fans, Sean Doolittle was his usual funny self, and even Ahmed Fareed of CSN Bay Area voted in favor of Nerd Power. Fareed spent most of the night apologizing to Giant’s fans.

A’s fans, you are truly the best! Based on Twitter followers of each team, Posey should have won by a landslide. The Giants have 403 THOUSAND more followers than the A’s. Like most A’s fans, I was up early and in bed late, tweeting votes for Eric Sogard. Yes, we only get 25, but if you have something clever enough, it can get re-tweeted and reach people who have votes to spare. A’s fans are a dedicated bunch. Every other team should be jealous of the A’s fan base. In Oakland, it isn’t about how many people are in the stands, it’s about the passion you bring to the game.