Fan Poll: Should Jim Johnson Be Demoted?


The Oakland Athletics made a lot of bullpen moves this offseason. The biggest was signing closer Jim Johnson to a huge $10 million dollar deal.

So far, it has proven to be a horrible investment. He was removed from the closer role in just the first week, after costing the Athletics 3 games.

He came close to returning to closing duties after having some good non-save outings, but once Melvin gave him the chance he only shot himself in the foot by blowing another save.

Jim Johnson has not only blown saves, but now he has found a way to hurt the Athletics in early innings as well.

In the 7th inning on Thursday, Jim Johnson was brought in to the game. He was brought in after Jesse Chavez had just turned in a quality start yet again, allowing 3 runs in 6 innings pitched. It was now time for the bullpen to keep the Athletics in the game, since they were only trailing 3-2.

Jim Johnson allowed two runs in that inning to give the Detroit Tigers a 5-2 lead.

This scrappy A’s team knows how to fight until the very end, so a 3 run deficit didn’t mean they were out of it at all.

In the 9th inning the Athletics were able to get a rally going, they scored 2 runs and had the tying run in scoring position. Unfortunately Alberto Callaspo grounded to first base, and the game was over.

Those 2 runs Johnson gave up ended up being the difference.

So now we are left asking ourselves, “what do we do with Jim Johnson?”

Many are hesitant to want to send him to Triple-A, because of how much he is getting paid.  It may seem extreme to say he should be demoted, but what else do you do with someone who is costing you wins?

In my opinion, I believe you should put the best guys on the roster, not the highest paid. There is the opportunity with Ryan Cook coming back soon to send Johnson down. I may be wrong, but I think Johnson should be sent down.

But this is a poll. Give us your opinion! Think I’m right and agree that Johnson should be sent down? Think I’m completely wrong and stupid and that Jim Johnson should stay? Go ahead and vote! (note, poll may not be visible in mobile browsers)