Fan Poll: Should Oakland Athletics Seek 2nd Baseman?


The Oakland Athletics are not getting much production from the 2nd base position. The platoon of Eric Sogard/Nick Punto is not doing well offensively, combining for only 15 RBI. Eric Sogard has a .188 average, Nick Punto a .239 average. Defensively, both are doing great, but one wonders if the Athletics may be tempted to look for a 2nd basemen elsewhere, someone with better offensive production.

What do you think fans? Do the defensive skills of Sogard and Punto justify the lack of production at the plate? Should the team look for a 2nd baseman outside of the organization?

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Many argue that Josh Reddick gets to stick around because of his defense, so why shouldn’t Sogard or Punto? To which I say, it may not be healthy to have that many players stick around  for only their defensive skills. You need an offense as well. A good one.

There’s also the possibility of waiting it out with Sogard and Punto, and trying to lock up Lowrie as a 2nd baseman. Addison Russell would take over at shortstop and the lineup would look a whole lot better.

So here are the team’s options. They can stick with what they have now, They can go after someone else, or they can stick with what they have now, but extend Lowrie’s contract to play as their 2nd basemen. That would be a risk, because Lowrie may not want to be a 2nd baseman, but if they pull it off it would be amazing for the offense. Vote on which option you think is best for the team moving forward!