Brett Anderson is Not a Fan of the Fans


Brett Anderson,

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, former Athletic Brett Anderson had some choice words for the fans on Twitter. The comments seemed to be directed at A’s fans in particular. His tweets have been deleted, but there were some screen grabs up this morning.

The offending tweets seemed to begin with, “If your Twitter handle has what position of the field you sit in as a fan…your life is beyond brutal and obsolete.” After a fan said that Anderson knows how passionate the fans are, Anderson responded with, “That means 0.”

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The evening concluded with Brett Anderson tweeting out, “A lion does not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.” That’s some pretty high praise for oneself, considering this “lion” has made 14 starts in the past 3 years. The player that the A’s got in a trade for Anderson this past offseason, Drew Pomeranz, has already made 8 this season. The only ones getting “fleeced” here are Anderson’s current employers.

Brett Anderson is no lion. Not even the fictional lions of House Lannister would have him. The people that did accept him, those that reside in the right field bleachers in Oakland, have now been slighted by this injury-prone putz. What Brett Anderson has forgotten is that the people that put where they sit in their Twitter handles are generally the people that actually go to the games. The people that supported him over the years, even when he was constantly on the DL.

Let’s take a minute to look at the photo of Brett Anderson above. This was taken at the beginning of Spring Training. A day when you get to start playing the game you love, and compete for a championship. Anderson’s expression does not match the excitement he should feel. Instead, it looks like frowning is the shape his face has taken from years of being sullen.

This picture explains Brett Anderson’s comments, however. He is not a happy man, and people that are unhappy generally lash out at any and everyone.

On the bright side, he’s not an A’s on-field problem anymore, but A’s fans always pay their debts.