Get to Know MiLB All-Star Seth Frankoff


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Seth Frankoff was drafted by the A’s in the 27th round of the 2010 MLB Draft. He is currently playing for the Midland Rockhounds, the Athletics’ Double-A affiliate. The 25-year old righty has collected 15 saves on the season for Midland, to the tune of a 2.48 ERA. One of his most impressive stats on the season has been his K/9, which sits at an astounding 12.4. Frankoff’s K/BB ratio has also been solid; he is boasting a 4.09 ratio in that regard.

This afternoon I had the pleasure of interviewing MiLB All-Star Seth Frankoff. While this name may not ring a bell for many A’s fans, it will before long.

Swingin’ A’s: What do you do on the road to keep busy? I’ve seen some television talk on your Twitter feed before.

Seth Frankoff: A bunch of us have different shows that we watch. Some of us will watch Game of Thrones or Orange is the New Black, but typically we play a lot of cards. We just try to get through the day. It gets a little monotonous sometimes, but we’re never in one place for very long. We try to mix it up and do different things so we don’t go too crazy.

SA: What’s your card game of choice?

Seth Frankoff: We play a lot of different kinds. We play hearts and spades, but it doesn’t really matter. You name it, we play it.

SA: Is it safe to assume that you win all the time?

Seth Frankoff: I try to. It’s not for a lack of trying. Sometimes when playing cards, you’re only as good as the cards you’re dealt. Now and again you can play your way to a win, but sometimes you just don’t have ’em. It’s a good way to get a little competitive, but not too competitive.

SA: Who has the best poker face on the team?

Seth Frankoff: The best poker face? (laughs) I couldn’t even tell you. Nobody has a really good poker face. We all play each other so much you can read guys like a book.

SA: With you being selected to the All-Star game, is this your biggest baseball accomplishment so far, or is there something that may outrank this for you?

Seth Frankoff: This certainly is a great honor. Getting the chance to pitch for Team U.S.A. in college would definitely be up there. Playing in the Arizona Fall League was a great honor last year too. [The All-Star game] is up there, but there are some other things that I’m proud of as well. I’m just trying to keep it going, and hopefully add to that list. We’ll see what happens.

SA: What’s your favorite baseball memory thus far?

Seth Frankoff: It’s really hard to pick a #1 baseball memory for me. I’d have to say that getting to wear the red, white and blue for Team U.S.A. is probably the best feeling I’ve ever had. I’m not only representing myself, but also playing for my country at that time, so that has to be my greatest baseball memory. But being on the road, being different places, and having my wife and my family there with me are always great memories.

SA: Do you have a favorite ballpark that you have been to?

Seth Frankoff: I would say that all of the parks are very nice, but the one in Tulsa that we played at was beautiful. The coolest place that I’ve played at so far would be Staten Island, New York. We played the Staten Island Yankees there. Also playing the Brooklyn Cyclones was pretty cool, being in New York City playing baseball for the first time. I had played around in various places in New York state before, but never in the city.

SA: Thinking ahead, have you picked out your walkup music for when you reach the majors?

Seth Frankoff: (laughs) I don’t want to get ahead of myself, I just want to make it there, then I can figure out some kind of walkup music. Right now, I’m a big Eric Church guy. He’s a North Carolina country singer, I’m a North Carolina guy. That’s what I use now. If I am ever fortunate enough to make it there, I will probably have to go with something Eric Church or maybe a little Old Crow Medicine Show. Something close to my roots. While playing all around the country, I’m extremely proud of where I came from, and always try to keep that with me.

SA: Having a song with roots to home probably sets you at ease a little bit and gets you ready to perform.

Seth Frankoff: It absolutely does. I mean, when you get between the white lines, none of that really matters. It’s go time.

SA: Last question for you, is there anything that you’d like the fans to know about you?

Seth Frankoff: I just try to be a good guy. I want to be known as someone who plays the game hard, and plays the game the right way.

A BIG thank you to Seth Frankoff for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to us, and allowing us to get to know him a little bit. We here at Swingin’ A’s, and more importantly the fans, greatly appreciate it. Be sure to check out Seth Frankoff and all of the other all-stars in the Minor League All-Star game on Tuesday, June 24 at 5:15 pm PST.