Oakland Athletics Will (Finally) Have a New Scoreboard at O.Co Next Season


Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Most of you have probably heard about the 10-year lease that was officially agreed upon yesterday afternoon to keep the Athletics in Oakland. If you haven’t here is a quick synopsis: Lew Wolff waited until 10 p.m. the night before the vote to send out an e-mail to officials saying that Commissioner Bud Selig had granted permission to the A’s to immediately seek a new place to play ball. Of course, this seems like a bluff, but it worked anyway. The vote was approved and the A’s are in Oakland for at least a few more seasons (there are a lot of opt-out clauses involved).

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I don’t want to come across as an expert in this field by any stretch, because I am not. What I would like to focus on is that O.Co is finally getting a facelift, by which I mean a scoreboard that’s in color, much less HD.

Part of the deal was that the Athletics have agreed to pay $10M for a new scoreboard. In theory, this is meant to upgrade the scoreboards in both right and left fields, and also the strip of concrete in between the first and second decks. The strip will have one of the newer video boards that is used in current ballparks to display statistics and is also used to tell people when to clap.

While I am happy that we will have updated facilities by Opening Day 2015, a part of me feels like some of the charm will be leaving O.Co. Whenever people like to make fun of the Coliseum, I simply agree with what they say about O.Co. What’s the point in arguing with them? But then I simply add, “But that’s where my team plays, and I love it there.”