Oakland Athletics Done Making Deals?


Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After Billy Beane made a slew of deals this offseason to gain bullpen help, many fans were using gambling terms regarding the trades like “Beane is all in” or “Beane is playing all of his cards.” Those are gambling terms right? After last night’s trade to acquire Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel, A’s fans are just yelling “Yahtzee”.

Once the deal was completed, sending the Athletics best 2 prospects plus Dan Straily to the Cubs, the question on everyone’s minds has been: “What’s the next move?”

The Athletics now have a stockpile of arms on the major league club. One of those could be flipped to acquire a much needed second baseman or shortstop. Tommy Milone is a name that could gain a lot of attention in the coming hours. With the A’s playing a night game Saturday, roster moves must be made soon. If Milone sticks around, he is the 5th starter, and Jesse Chavez will most likely take over long-relief, a position the Athletics don’t have filled at the moment.

Brad Mills will most likely be optioned to Triple-A.

If a trade doesn’t happen before the game, expect Jim Johnson to finally be let go. Chavez is out of options, and he is much more valuable to the club than JJ. Having Chavez in the bullpen would give the Athletics a player that can go multiple innings out of the ‘pen, and also save his arm. Chavez has already pitched more innings this season than in any season previous.

Since Beane is going “all in” this year anyway, it seems safe to assume that he will also make a move for a middle infielder to shore up the only weak spot the team has. This could finally be the season that the Chase Utley to Oakland rumors become a reality. Another option would be Ben Zobrist, who is a utility man himself, and would fit very well on the Athletics’ roster.

There is a sense that there is still more to come from Billy Beane, and we may not have to wait long to find out what that is.