Athletics’ Twitter Roundup III – The Reckoning


A rough week on the field but a pretty funny week on Twitter Photo Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

What a miserable week for A’s fans. Our beloved Athletics are running the bases blindfolded, inferior offenses are making chumps of our pitching and

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we are now, at the time of this writing, tied for first place with the…shudder…Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Los Angeles near Anaheim or whatever they’re called. But, in true A’s fan fashion, the Twitter feeds of the green and gold loyal are funnier and cleverer than ever. I must say, I’m a little surprised that spell check didn’t bust me for cleverer. Is that really a word? I thought I was being cute. Anyway, I present to you volume three in our ongoing saga of A’s related tweets from Twitter of Athletics of Oakland.

We start with a serious tweet that puts the A’s struggles into some realistic perspective.

Our snarky leader Jason had this to say in regards to the most recent A’s losses.

Dropping in the standings through inefficient run generating and poor field play will henceforth be known as…

If the fake Fosse account isn’t funny enough for you, because you’re a humorless troll, than maybe his followers will give you a chuckle. This photoshop job is winning everything this week!

When we’ve lost Kara, things are getting tough.

When Susan Slusser gets sassy, my day gets exponentially better.

This would be funnier if it weren’t so true.

Fake Fosse is three for three when it comes to appearing in the old roundup. Is it safe to say I’m man crushing on a Twitter account?

I consider myself a smart, well-read and educated man. I laughed at this more than I care to admit. Butt humor is almost always funny.

As always, if you’ve got an A’s related tweet that you think is worthy of mention, just tag me in it and I will consider it. If you’re Fake Fosse, obviously I’ll post one of yours next week even though you don’t follow me on Twitter.

Also, while you’re on the Twitter, be sure to follow all of the great contributors to Swingin’ A’s. Many of us are smart, a few of us are funny and two of us are phenomenally good looking. I’ll let you decide which is which. Until next week, keep those funny tweets coming!

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