Athletics’ Twitter Roundup V


Bob Melvin can’t believe it’s been five weeks of Athletics Twitter Roundups. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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If you’re an Athletics fan, you need a laugh this week. That’s where I come in. Not because I’m funny but because I know where the funny people tweet. This is the fifth in our ongoing saga of Twitter Roundups. Let’s just jump right into it.

We begin by checking in with the Coliseum Sewage at the old after this week’s earthquake.

Athletics fans know how to party and have come up with a pretty good drinking game during ESPN broadcasts.

Are these rally possums responsible for our devastating national tv loss? Probably. Destroy them.

I’ll bet Altuve wakes up every day, looks in the mirror and shouts a barrage of short jokes at himself just to prepare for a road trip.

The lovely Ms. Melvin should hang out in the bleachers. We can teach her all sorts of combinations.

When Google believes, everyone believes.

Truth. 100 times truth.

Something tells me that Fake Fosse may be blowing this a hair out of proportions.

We don’t think about the wives enough. Athletics fans, think about the wives. Except you, Fake Fosse, you think about them enough already.