Athletics’ Twitter Roundup VI


Reddick pies Lowrie after Lowrie admits he’s never read the twitter roundup. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter: Where A’s fans go to cry, laugh and vent, often at the same time. Another rough week for the Athletics but in true Green Collar fashion, fans took to Twitter to vent their frustrations and try to put a positive spin on the out of control spin of sucktitude the A’s have put on display as of late. Here are this week’s best tweets.


Gallego will single handedly solve the energy crisis if the A’s go deep in October.

I know I shouldn’t, but I love it when Shooty is on the TV broadcast because it brings out the funniest in Athletics related tweets. That being said, I hate when Shooty is on TV.

More Shooty…

Fans are now finding back-door ways to reference the Cespedes trade as the cause of our woes.

As much as I love Shooty on tv, I love Callaspo in the lineup.


More disturbing than the Cespedes trade.

These guys are pretty classy.

You ain’t seen nothing yet. Get us into October and we’ll blow your mind.

I like Doo’s lady friend.

This dude is, seriously, hella classy.