Athletics’ Fans Mourn on Twitter


Callaspo checking for a retweet on Twitter after hitting an RBIMandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In case you have been out of the country for the past week, the Oakland Athletics are eliminated from the 2014 post season after dropping the most epic wildcard game in the entire history of epic wildcard games last Tuesday. MLB does not give fans time to mourn, though, and the playoffs go forward as scheduled and A’s fans are left with Twitter to vent their frustration, share their sadness and root root root for any team that beat the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Here are the Twitter highlights from the saddest week of the Oakland season.

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The week started off great Sonny Gray throwing a complete game to close out the year and finally clinch a playoff berth. There was much celebrating good times.

If you don’t understand the double entendre in this tweet, you’re better off not exploring it deeper.

Indeed, Jon, this is why you’re here. This is why we traded a beloved player and power bat for you. Just to win this game. Can’t wait for the epicness to begin.

Oh, Kelly, we all trust this guy. What’s the worst that could happen with Lester on the mound. If we can score two, we’ll be set!

We don’t need an extra starter. Pssh, we probably don’t even need a bullpen. I’m sure Lester and Doolittle can get this game done in a hurry.

If only.

I’ll bet Nick shared that delicious doughnut with everyone in his carpool as they sat in road construction traffic leaving the viewing party. He’s a good guy.

This is catchy. You should turn it into a song.

You could also include “…since the Cespedes trade…” *SHOT!*

Ok. So things haven’t gone to plan just yet. But we’ve got the lead so we’re still looking good. Right?

Ok. So we lost. Time to abandon our team. Right?

Too soon, bro. Too soon.

Geez, why don’t you write Hallmark cards, Brodie.

I have no bangs so I can’t relate but I share the sentiment.

Now that the season is over, we’ll get some truthful answers out of players.

Well, you heard it here first.

I don’t know him personally but I’m sure he really needed this.

Post season baseball can be a cruel mistress my friend.