A Big Week for Athletics on Twitter

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, Swingin’ A’s, courtesy of Jennifer’s clever thinking, had an Athletics related hashtag trending on Twitter this week. The Sean Doolittle Appreciation Day hashtag got so popular, in fact, that it elicited a response from Eireann Dolan, Doolittle’s hilarious girlfriend, and Sean himself responded to dozens, if not hundreds, of the tweets personally.

The whole day is pretty heavily documented here on the site but today we’re going to feature some of those tweets and others related to the Athletics for this week’s Twitter Roundup. As always, if you see a great A’s tweet that you think should be included in this column, make sure to tag me in it so that I see it. My Twitter handle is at the top of this article. Without further ado, your Twitter roundup for the week!

Brodie is far from alone in this sentiment. We all miss our A’s.

One simple tweet got A’s and Dodger’s fans foaming at the mouth. Nick keeps things in perspective…unless this is exactly what Billy WANTS you think.

In other Puig trade news, Jason puts his loyalty on display by offering to trade his most valued, trusted and good looking friend. Totes lame, Jason. Totes lame.

After thousands of Twitter peeps tweeted lovely things to Sean, someone still had to piss in the lemonade. Doolittle wasn’t having any of that, though.

When he wasn’t correcting troll grammar, he was being pretty funny. I guess. I mean, if you’re into that type of humor.

I think a lot of A’s fans agree with you, Dan.

Adrian doesn’t understand how baseball works. The bullpen is only as good as the centerfielder with a bad attitude on your team. Everyone knows that.

I think what she’s trying to say here is that Giants have no fun parts. Hey, I’m just delivering the message.

Somehow, this hashtag didn’t get much traction on Twitter.

I’ll bet he’d get a stadium built faster than their current mayor.

For the win!

BONUS MATERIAL!!!! Make sure you go to page 2 for nothing but Sean and Eirann tweets!