Comparing the 2015 Athletics with 1989

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Looking at 1989 can make you feel real good about 2015 Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone and their mother thought 2014 was the year that the Oakland Athletics were going to win it all. They didn’t. It still hurts, I know, but I don’t think this year’s misery equates to bad things next year and still say that, with a few minor tweaks, the Athletics can make another run for the 2015 world series.

Today, we’re going to compare the 2015 Athletics to the 1989 Athletics, the last team to win a world series in Oakland, position by position. Keeping in mind that there are some free agents leaving and inevitable trades still to come this winter, certain assumptions need to be made as to who will be playing in each position but this is just for fun so we’ll do the best we can.