Mike Selleck Brings the Stats to Twitter


Mike Selleck gives A’s fans the greatest gift of all; fighting words against Giants fans.

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Mike Selleck is the Baseball Information Manager for the Oakland Athletics. If you don’t follow his Twitter, you really should. He is a wealth of fun facts and statistics and has a knack for making followers feel like this year’s team is the greatest team in baseball history. For today’s Twitter Roundup, we’re going to check in with Mike and read some of the most fascinating stats he’s come up with. Enjoy.

In case you’ve forgotten, Moss is Boss.

Imagine what the number would have been if “the slump” were contained to a couple of weeks instead of a couple months.

Go back and read all the tweets that said that the Athletics didn’t play small-ball enough.

In case you don’t know how to interpret this stat, I’ll do it for you. Amazing. That’s the accurate interpretation.

Any time you can get into a stat next to Vida Blue and Barry Zito, you’re doing just fine.

Remember when Jim Johnson was our closer? I think things are better now.

Alberto Callaspo has a stat that doesn’t involve “slowest run to first in the majors” which is great for him.

And this is how you win games even when the bats are a little cold.

Notice a bay area team with pretty braggy fans missing from this list?

Like I said, all interesting stats to keep you dreaming about 2015 during the off season. Follow Mike Selleck on Twitter and get these stats twice a week and tell him Swingin’ A’s sent you. He’s not giving you anything for telling him that and may not know we exist but tell him anyway.

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